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"In the context of Homer's Illiad, Trojan Horse was a symbol of Troy's fall against the Greek. After 10 years of fruitless seige between the Greeks and the Troy, Greek warriors came up into idea of how they could enter the gates of the Trojans. Thus, they built up a giant wooden horse. They had let some of their armies hid inside the wooden horse and sailed their ships to the other side of the island. Without knowing of this plan, the Trojans thought that the Greeks had accepted their defeat and had left the wooden horse. With much pride, the they brought home the wooden horse believing that this was their trophy in the war which they had thought they had won. Little did they know that before the dawn breaks the next day, Troy would already be out of sight and it happened. The Wooden Horse was the fall of Troy.

In the present context, this scene in Illiad may happen again if we will not be vigilant. I am not really against this "Balik-Probinsya Program" but let us also put in to consideration the safety of our constituents. A strong guidelines and policy should be implemented and observed. For almost 2 months, the province has not recorded any positive cases but in a snap of a hand, everything changes. I am not putting the blame on those who have decided to go home because life in the city has already become a survival of the fittest but may we also be a responsible individuals. If we know that we came from places with postive cases, submit yourself to the quarantine procedure of your places. May we not be selfish because this isn't just your battle alone, this is a battle of everyone." | via Limuel Bandoy Udarbe

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