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Acting San Fernando City Mayor Alf Ortega:

Acting San Fernando City Mayor Alf Ortega: Nasurok 45,000 a pamilya ken nasurok 2,000 a boarders ditoy syudad, maipaayan ti ayuda manipud City Government kabayatan iti pannakaipatungpal iti MECQ.

Listaan ti maawat nga ayuda manipud iti City Government:

25 kls rice
5 tins sardines
3 tins meatloaf
3 tins tuna
1/2 kilo sotanghon
1/2 kl potato
1 kilo Sayote
1 dozen egg
1/2 kilo onion
1/4 kilo garlic
1 (475ml) cooking oil

10 kls rice
2 tins corned beef
2 tins sardines
2 tins meatloaf
2 tins tuna
1 sotanghon 400g
1/4 kl mongo
1/4 kl potato
1/2 kl sayote
6 pcs egg
1/4 kl onion
1/8 kl garlic
1 (175ml) cooking oil

| via Bombo Radyo La Union

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